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To: Premier Doug Ford

Tell Ford: Stop the Subway Takeover

Vote against any legislation that "uploads" or takes over any aspect of the TTC to the Province of Ontario.

Why is this important?

The Ford government just tabled legislation to take over Toronto’s subway system, which will leave the TTC open for privatization or a two-tiered transit system, which will mean longer commutes, less control and higher fares. [1]

The TTC already has the smallest amount of government funding of any big city transit system in North America with 70 percent coming from fares, [2] which are among the highest in North America. [3]

When Rob Ford was mayor of Toronto, he made service cuts and raised fares. Doug Ford running the TTC from Queen’s Park won’t improve the TTC.

Ford needs to keep the TTC’s control in the hands of the city and provide it with adequate funding.

If we put our foot down with a huge showing of opposition, making sure Ford knows Torontonians want to keep the TTC public, properly funded, and in the hands of its users, he’ll have to pay attention. Will you add your name before the legislation moves ahead (any week now)?



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