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To: MPs

Support the Carbon Tax

Dear Minister
Stop supporting scare tactics against a Carbon Tax. Debate how best to implement one. In 2018 William Dawbney Nordhaus won the Nobel Prize for Economics. We should listen. Carbon taxes work better than regulations and can actually create a net increase in jobs. Germany is a prime example.

We should support a Carbon Tax in Canada and insure our clean industries are developed as leaders to create the jobs of the future. Market forces will step in only when a value is put on Carbon.

Returning the tax to consumers has been proven to change behavior while returning the money to those that need it to cope with change. Put in programmes to help those working in the oil glut industry with no future into green jobs.

Stop supporting BIG Oil , and think about the future of your and my kids. Do the right thing.

Why is this important?

Scientist and economist all agree that Climate change is real and costing all of us. Our future generation will have to live with the legacy of our inaction. We need to do our best to protect the earth for our kids.


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