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To: Prime Minister Trudeau, Minister Francois-Phillipe Champagne and Minister Marco Medicino:

Support Hong Kong Residents Fleeing China's Crackdown

Offer special visas and a citizenship pathway to Hong Kong citizens fleeing China’s brutal crackdown on freedom and democracy.

Why is this important?

The Communist Party of China (CPC) just passed a devastating new law that punishes anybody in Hong Kong who speaks out against the authoritarian regime.

Left unchecked, CPC’s rampant trampling of rights in Hong Kong could destroy the city once declared the most ‘free’ in the world.

Already, people and governments around the world have condemned China’s brutal new law that violates Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Last week, the United Kingdom announced special visas to welcome Hong Kong citizens fleeing the region for fear of persecution and loss of freedom. The special accommodations include 5-year work and study visas, after which HK citizens can apply for citizenship.

Some MPs are already in support of amending immigration rules to make it easier for Hong Kong citizens to find a path to permanent residency.

Hong Kong citizens need our help. Will you sign the petition urging the federal government to provide special visas and a citizenship pathway to residents fleeing Hong Kong?


2020-07-21 22:29:01 -0400

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