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To: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Support a Ban on Single-Use Plastics in Canada

Campaign created by
Ciara Lennon, Isabelle al Jabri

Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Our names are Ciara Lennon and Isabelle al Jabri. We are ten years old, and we were wondering if you know how bad plastic is? When we are older we would like a good, healthy environment as well as having many other generations live. First of all plastic creates global warming, also animals in the ocean especially mistaken plastic for food. We are trying to post it online, so people will be able to see it all over the country and world.

So you’re probably wondering why we wrote this letter, well it’s because in Costa Rica they plan on banning single use plastic by 2021. We were hoping you could do something like that too, but it doesn’t need to be as intense but at least in Ontario were we are, you could help stop plastic a little more. What do you think?

Please respond.
Best of days.


Ciara Lennon and Isabelle al Jabri

Why is this important?

Plastic takes over 200 years to break down, which means that all of the plastic that has ever been made is still out there!
We want to work towards a healthier future for ourselves, our families, and the environment. We think that a ban single-use plastic in Canada would be the first step in having a healthy and safe future for everyone!


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