To: Leah Gazan

Studying GLBI Scenarios changes Generations

The upcoming costing report of GLBI is an important undertaking. Explaining to Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast the benefits and costs of a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income is about informing them not only about next year, but their entire lives.

When directing the Parliamentary Budget Officer to perform the next costing report, we will learn about 17 year olds, Indigenous Reserves, our Territories, and Temporary Workers too. We encourage you to be as detailed as possible in your request, including 5 year outlooks, breaking down the cost per person, along with detailed charts explaining to Canadians how much they would receive while working.

Why is this important?

Many aspects of GLBI are not known, such as no example has been given about the Disability portion, and how the non-income tested portion will work.

We're asking you Leah, to be detailed and precise for the PBO, all 3 scenarios include much higher earners with higher benefits for those with lower incomes as well, and because Canada deserves correct answers before it becomes a campaign promise again.