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To: MPs

Stop Spending Taxpayer Dollars on Wasteful Calendars

Dear Ministers, please stop creating, printing and distributing paper calendars to your constituents. It is a complete waste of money and resources. Most people no longer use paper calendars and those who do want something larger that they can write on. The information provided on the back of these calendars is widely available elsewhere. So, the only purpose these calendars appear to have is to promote MPs and their involvement in local activities. Self-promotion is not reason enough to waste our taxes and create needless paper waste.

Why is this important?

Our tax dollars should be used to better serve Canadians. These calendars serve no purpose but to promote MPs at the taxpayer's expense and they create a ton of unnecessary waste. MPs need to know that we expect them to spend our tax dollars as wisely as they would spend their own funds, even when it comes to something as seemingly inconsequential as millions of paper calendars that will end up in landfills and recycling bins.


2019-03-20 13:55:36 -0400

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