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To: The Ontario Government and Ministry of Education

Stop the cuts to Education in Ontario!!

INVEST in Public Education, don’t cut it!

Why is this important?

The Ford government, and Lisa Thompson, the Ontario Minister of Education, have proposed to change the funding formula from the current 22:1 to 28:1. This is a MASSIVE CUT of 20%. This will mean that 20% of all high school courses will be cut- meaning ALL elective courses will no longer be offered- courses such as physics, music, computer science, physical education, visual art, drama, business, or technology will all be CANCELLED. Students will have only their compulsory courses, and each of those will have classes in excess of 40 students.

Consider a school of approximately 1000 students with 58 teaching staff. These cuts would potentially mean the loss of 14 teaching positions, meaning 84 sections of courses at this school are now CANCELLED. Since compulsory courses must be offered, that means EIGHTY-FOUR elective classes will be gone in that school!!

The TDSB trustees just voted to remove all GUIDANCE COUNSELLOR, STUDENT SUCCESS, and LIBRARY positions from high schools. Teenagers are the MOST in need of guidance counsellors as they are going through the most emotionally/turbulent times in their lives.

Help stop these cuts! Doug Ford and Lisa Thompson need to hear that we will not accept massive cuts to our education system. Tell them they should be INVESTING in education, not cutting!!

What can you do?
1) Email:
- Doug Ford - [email protected]
- Lisa Thompson - [email protected]
- Sam Oosterhoff - [email protected]
- plus your local MP & MPP

2) Call:
- Doug Ford - (416) 325-1941
- Lisa Thompson - 1-800-668-9320
- Sam Oosterhoff - 905-563-1755
- plus your local MP & MPP

3) Tweet:
- Doug Ford - @FordNation
- Lisa Thompson - @LisaThompsonMPP
- Sam Oosterhoff - @samoosterhoff
- plus your local MP & MPP

4) Facebook - message the above via Facebook & share the incredibly helpful infographics made by ETFO or Ontario Families for Public Education... concise, factual & accurate.

5) Support education workers... on days you see them wearing certain colours, dress the same in solidarity. Educate those who are not aware of what is going on. Create your own parent group & picket or write letters. Join a parent advocacy group on Facebook like Ontario Families for Public Education. AND .... If (heaven forbid) ... education workers go on strike, picket with us, honk for us and understand we are fighting for ALL children to equally have an excellent education.


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