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To: The Hon.Minister of Health for Ontario, Premier Doug Ford and all MPPs for Ontario!!!

Please Stop The Closing Of Pain Care Clinics in Ontario !!!!

To The Minister Of Health for Ontario and Ontario Premier Doug Ford who says his Conservative Party is a Political Party for the People of Ontario. Please Do Not Even Think About Or Even Worse Actually Close The Ontario Pain Care Clinics for the Safety of the Many thousands of Patients
that are now Actually Being Treated So Successfully at These Pain Care Clinics For Example just the Pain Care Clinic in St. Catharines, Ontario is
Successfully Treating So Very Many Patients That I Count Not Count All of Them Today when I was there Receiving Treatment for My Own Life Altering Pain..
Changing How Many Times a Patient Can Be Treated at a Clinic will Put the
Safety of the Many People suffering from Pain That are being treated Myself included.
Without these Pain Clinics Where will the Many Patients that receive such Successful Treatment that does actually help them with the debilitating life altering Pain they suffer from get treatments ??.Some will be forced to buy the street Drugs as their own Family Doctors do not prescribe Pain Medication At All Anymore ..!!!! My own Family Doctor has had his license suspended by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons which they should never have done because It is now known that stopping these medications cold turkey can cause strokes and heart attacks these drugs have to be weaned off slowly by the patients that were taking them.I know from My own experience that I got violently sick and was forced to go on a suboxone therepy even though I was not a street drug user at the time .But was forced to be included with them as far as the methadone Doctor thought and his treatment of me when I seen him..

Why is this important?

Just from my own experience I felt like I was going to die from my brain being so used to taking 2 pills every 4 hours
along with 1 diazepam every 6 hours for panic attacks and sleeping medication at night so the pain would not wake me up every four hours from the back pain that I suffer from.Then he had his prescribing privilege taken away and I was forced by Him to quit taking all my pain and nerve medications cold turkey and I speak from experience Your brain does get used to taking these medications and if and when your suddenly forced to stop taking these prescriptions all of a sudden people will get deathly sick some having strokes and heart attacks through no fault of their own but from the Ford Conservative Provincial Party closing or limiting the amount of times that Pain Patients can access this Strictly Monitored Pain Care Clinic in St.Catharines ,Ontario.
So if these Pain Care Clinics. are closed there will be some patients forced to buy these drugs or stronger
ones (morphine) ( heroine) (fenthenayl) on the Street which will lead to many more people overdosing on illegal street drugs and not from their own fault but from the closing of the Pain Care Clinics where the Physicians closely monitor Their Patients all the time .This will ultimately cost the Ford Government more money to treat the overdoses that do not perish. So for the treatment of Patients Pain these clinic have become a last resort for the safe treatment of their Pain. I know it has been for me!!!


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