To: The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Canadian Minister of Transportation

Stop the Baldwin East "Aerodrome"

The Baldwin East Aerodrome in nothing more than a waste disposal company's elaborate scheme to get around provincial laws to dump 120,000 truck loads of fill in a Provincial wetland that is part of the Greenbelt, without limitation or testing. This practice is very lucrative and has taken place at aerodromes elsewhere in the region, with the waste disposal companies have dumping contaminated fill, then walked away, at a significant cost to the environment and to local taxpayers who ultimately have to pay for the cleanup.

Please reverse the decision approving the construction of the Baldwin East aerodrome, and amend related Transport Canada regulations to ensure that the false pretense of building an aerodrome cannot be used to illegally dump fill, on the grounds of public interest, health and safety.

Why is this important?

Despite being built on provincially significant wetlands, a groundwater recharge area, and highly-vulnerable aquifers and woodlands, the aerodrome has been designed to specifically avoid a required assessment by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada;
The principles of the Baldwin East aerodrome have been involved in the waste management industry and have been cited by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment for dumping contaminated fill;
The proponents plan to dump 1.2 million cubic metres of fill (120,000 truck loads) on to the site without limitation or testing; and
There have been numerous instances of corporations using the pretense of building an aerodrome under federal jurisdiction to lucratively dump fill without scrutiny by municipal and provincial authorities;
97% of respondents who participated in the consultation process – including the Town of Georgina, York Region, and the Chippewas of Georgina Island, objected to the proposal;
This is nothing more than a pretense by a waste disposal company to lucratively dump fill without scrutiny by municipal and provincial authorities.

How it will be delivered

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