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To: MP Jonathan Wilkinson

Stop planned open-pit mining in Alberta!

Australian-owned Riversdale Resources is pursuing plans for a massive coal project in southern Alberta. According to reporting by The Globe and Mail, it will "shear off a mountaintop in one of Alberta's most sensitive environments."

Let's push Minister of Environment Jonathan Wilkinson to stop the Grassy Lakes open-pit coal mine project and to keep his promise to phase-out coal.

Why is this important?

Environmental groups and residents are fearful of the toxic chemicals that are likely to be released into the headwaters of the Oldman River watershed, which would endanger the drinking water of downstream cities such as Lethbridge and many wildlife species, including the threatened cutthroat trout. (Coal is associated with toxic levels of selenium; a similar coal project in Elk River, B.C., owned by Teck Resources, is releasing so much selenium that U.S. officials downstream are concerned.) A mine like this would result in huge habitat loss: area approximately the size of Edmonton would be impacted. Residents invested in the tourism industry in this well-loved part of Alberta are highly concerned about how the mine would negatively affect their businesses.

Riverdale Resources say that they have received approval from all Treaty 7 nations, but according to Latasha Calf Robe, a member of the Blood Tribe, “No community-level consultation has been done on the Blood Tribe, and, as far as I know, has not been done with any of the communities in Treaty 7."

The project has now gone to a joint provincial and federal review. If approved, it would open the door to other similar open-pit mines throughout the Rocky Mountains. Let's be clear: no matter what Riversdale Resources claims, projects like this will likely lead to poisoned fish, denuded rivers, and toxic drinking water. And burning the coal will sink our climate targets.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver our signatures to Jonathan Wilkinson in the spring, when the review panel's results are in. We stopped the Vista coal mine—let's push Jonathan Wilkinson to stop Grassy Lakes mine too!


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