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To: The Federal Government

Stop Killing Rare and Endangered Species on MK Delta Lands in Delta.

I want them to use S.A.R.A. (Species at Risk Act) to stop development on MK Delta's lands to save rare and endangered species. Just like they did in Quebec to save the Chorus frog. Check out our website: for the full petition. Print it off. Send it in. Call your MP. Tell them to use S.A.R.A. to save these endangered birds, insects and animals.

Why is this important?

Our disappearing peatlands (less than 3% of the earth is covered with them) and Burns Bog is part of that 3%. Like other peatlands it is home to many rare and endangered species. These include red and blue-listed butterflies, dragonflies, Sandhill cranes, Trowbridge's Shrew, Barn Owls and Green herons. When they are gone they are gone forever. The Federal Government used S.A.R.A. to save the Chorus frog in Quebec. The Federal government needs to do the same for the plants, insects, birds and animals on MK Delta's and Pineland Peat's land in Delta, BC


2019-04-17 15:35:23 -0400

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