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To: PM Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, Matthew Green

Stop CRA From Demanding Self-Employed Pay Back CERB

We want the CERB criteria to be re-evaluated because the wording for CERB legibility mentioned NOTHING about NET income, it only stated $5k income. Now they are sending letters demanding full CERB repayment for “mistaken filings”.

Why is this important?

As a self-employed business owner, I was out of work due to the lockdown for Covid-19 and I followed the rules for applying for CERB in order to not only survive, but to keep my business afloat because my landlord didn’t bother with the rent subsidy. I realize that there were many who may have accidentally applied, but we self-employed had no other option and now are being told we were not eligible all because the word “net” was inferred and not actually stated on the website or the automated recordings when filing by phone. This is going to further destroy many small businesses and their owners more than this pandemic already has. To reduce us below eligibility for net profits after our deductions is beyond unfair and seems as though the rules are being changed to benefit CRA and the economy.


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