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To: Parents,2slgbtqia+, allies , teachers, ECE, librarians, and really people who care about books

Stop banning books in Winkler mb


Books are valuable resources and age demographics, parent involvement, and also quality of literature isn't being considered in the banning of two educational books and teen novel.

Books can be used as stepping stones to have more meaningful conversations with children these books were written with these intentions to offer information, banning these would be inline with banning textbooks, art, or even science.

Today it might be a book that's banned, I ask where is the line, keeping these books on the shelves in Southern Manitoba, even collecting the signatures that show there is opposition send the message that no in fact six people do not make the decision for all and that the decision isn't the most well informed especially for books that are informative based and are age appropriate.

As elections ramp up, it's sad to see these decisions as a part or the image and redderick to gain support, it's a cheap move, and doesn't benefit the community as a whole.

Why is this important?

Books, are resources. A local school trustee, and prospective politician amongst six people made it their mission to remove three books from the South Central Regional Libraries (WinklerLibraries)
They claim the books are pornographic and are against the law, when however the books are there for families and children to read together, and cover a wide range of sexual education and health information. Parents might use these resources to know how to talk to their children about sex, sex organs, identities, and sex terminology.

Learning these things in part help keep children safe, knowing how to properly label their sex organs, parents might want to teach their children these things because it helps teach them what their privates are, and that they aren't bad words and that if someone is violating them they can properly identify the parts, as cute names for sexual parts can be misinterpreted, a vagina is a vagina and a penis is a penis, and can't be confused with a cookie or any other terminology that makes adults feel more comfortable.

Two of these three books that are titled It's perfectly normal by Robie H. Harris and Sex is a funny word by Corey Silverberg. These books are more informative but sex is a funny word has a blend of a story infused in it, book exerpts can be found on these links provided:


The third book being called to be banned is called All boys aren't blue by George M. Johnson, It is written by a queer black author, he says his book is not pornographic in nature, age appropriate and helps children to identify sexual abuse and see themselves represented within literature as the novel is about growing up queer. More can be read at this link regarding this teenage novel:

These books are optional, they're offered as reading for both education and enjoyment. Not everyone has the same view points, and that's but speaking for diverse families, speaking for diverse readers is a problem, especially when these politicians claim to say less government involvement, and more freedom to make choices for yourself and your family or when they come from a veiwpoint that isn't based in current information and claim otherwise. They're making a choice on behalf of many without providing information as to why many of the reasons they have provided caters to the feelings they have about the particular books in question. These books deserve a proper fight, to be protected, because it's not the books that are being let down, it's children, families and people. Please sign this to keep these books an option for many and offer a wake up call to school trustees and politicians alike.


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