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To: Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Doug Ford, Mayor John Tory

Smoking in public is a devastating trend- Please BAN it.

Make the "Smoke Free Ontario" regulations strong. Completely ban smoking in any public places where other human or animal is likely to be present except designated confined areas. Initiate strict actions against violations.
Help build healthy community
Save children from second hand smoking.
Save millions of $$ being drained in tobacco related health hazards.

Why is this important?

Millions of non-smokers in our country, particularly in Toronto city are suffering every day due to unscrupulous smokers around all public places. These smokers interpret that "Law prohibits only smoking within 9 meters from a building entrance". Thus they claim they are legally permitted to smoke anywhere else. This is in addition to some who violate all existing laws and they smoke right at the entrance.

Children at Risk
A recent law revision has prohibited smoking near schools and play grounds. But that was a too short-sighted addition. Please note that, the same children get exposed to smoking on their way home at side walks, bus tops, pedestrian crossings, parking lots, walkways, public transit, and inside own dwelling units.

Attention is requested to the menace of unscrupulous smoking in public places, which is causing health hazards to general public through passive smoking effect. While I appreciate the smoke-free Ontario regulation and similar laws across the country exist,evidently they are found to be not reaping the desired benefits. The rule that bans
smoking within 9 meters from the entrance of any building, appears to have been miss-interpreted as if it just irritates the building. Any reasonably sensible person can understand that such rule is to avoid passive smoking-effect on other innocent nonsmokers passing by. But most smokers are seen smoking at a couple meters away from
the entrance, if not at the entrance/ inside the confined area itself, and mostly right in the middle of other non-smokers by-standing / walking.
Such violations are extremely high in crowded cities like Toronto / GTA and probably in other larger cities too . The trend might be proportionately less in other small cities. In either case the damages that would cause are enormous.
Consequences of smoking in public:
1. One smoker could cause health hazard to multitude of non-smoking public through passive smoking.
2. Suffocating smell that linger when a smoker travels in a crowded transit vehicle/elevator, which cause all others around sick
3. Cause slow premature death to innocent passive smokers, including young children/ infants and elderly (senior citizens)
4. Huge burden on the exchequer via additional health / medical budget.
5. Instances of children picking up butts from those thrown by others. The teens may not legally get it from stores, but get free butts from the side-walk.
6. Makes the city dirty with butts all around.
7. Create an unhealthy community, and an addicted generation.
8. Fire hazard due to un-extinguished butts being thrown around high-rise buildings.
9. Electronic cigarette and vapes too cause equal health hazard as cigarettes


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