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To: Doug Ford

Save Ontario's Protected Lands from Developers!

This petition is to tell Doug Ford we stand with Ontario's environment and want to keep it protected. Doug Ford must;

- Stop the misuse of MZO's and ordering them to avoid public opinion, environmental analysis of lands and to strip protection of Provincially Significant lands

- Not strip Ontario's 36 Conservation Authorities of their power to not approve developments on protected lands or lands with significant importance. They must be involved in development processes to protect our lands

- Not approve any development of the Green Belt or sell parcels of land to developers

Stop misusing your power (Doug Ford) to exclude the people of the province of having their say in protecting lands! You were voted to speak for the people of province, not yourself and your business friends.

Please sign this petition and share it with friends and family. I also encourage you to send a message to your local MP and Doug Ford's office telling him how you feel regarding this matter.

Why is this important?

- We need to protect this land for future generations living in Ontario
- We must protect our environment. We cannot live if our air, water and land is polluted
- These lands are home to Endangered Species only found in Ontario
- The Conservation Authorities work to ensure significant lands are protected
- These lands prevent flooding and other natural disasters
- By developing this significant lands, we are increasing our carbon footprint when we are in a Climate Change crisis
- Greenspace directly impacts pandemics (dense areas with less greenspace cause illness and viruses to spread faster)

How it will be delivered

Electronically and by mail