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To: Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

Save Learn@Home Across Ontario!

Rural school boards have announced the decision to terminate the virtual learning option for the upcoming 2021/22 school year.

Parents of students who are thriving in this program are urging the Ministry to repeal this decision, and ENSURE EQUAL ACCESS to virtual learning for students regardless of their location in the province.

Why is this important?

Dear Mr. Lecce,

For families, the first and foremost benefit of the Learn@Home program was protection from the COVID-19 virus. But as this year progressed it became apparent that children enrolled in virtual learning have experienced myriad unexpected additional benefits BEYOND health and safety:

- Decreased anxiety as a result of ZERO bullying, exclusion, cliques, etc.
- Increased 1:1 time with educators
- Greater efficiency in work completion, and therefore increased satisfaction
- Increased outdoor time
- Decreased sense of competition with classmates
- Decreased illness from common cold/flu
- Increased connectedness between parents and teachers
- Enhanced academic performance in literally every area: math, literacy, science (students finally “getting” concepts that previously eluded them)
- Quieter learning environment has decreased excess stimulation and increased concentration power
- Uninterrupted learning time
- Meeting more like-minded friends than in bricks-and-mortar
- Increased confidence and overall happiness, a “lightness” of spirit
- Flexibility of scheduling
- Less stress, greater fulfillment, increased self-confidence

Children who have dealt with severe bullying at bricks-and-mortar school have finally been able to relax, blossom, and exude joy in a new environment. For parents and kids alike, this is the GIFT of a lifetime.

We are also aware, having spoken to L@H Principals, that there is ample data to illustrate that the remote environment has improved academic performance. Children previously plagued by behavioural challenges, or with complex IEP needs, are now thriving.

As you can imagine, L@H parents facing the termination of this schooling option are appalled and deeply saddened on behalf of our children. During an otherwise traumatic time, L@H has provided our children with unwavering stability, ample social opportunities, improved academic performance, and enhanced self-confidence.

With larger, more urban school boards continuing the program, rural students are being placed at a distinct disadvantage in having this learning option stripped from them.

We urge you to do what's right and ENSURE EQUAL ACCESS to this program across the province. L@H has benefits that extend beyond health and safety and should therefore be upheld past the pandemic's end.

Please help us support the students for whom this program has “cracked the code” of what a perfect learning environment looks like for them.


Ontario Parents


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