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To: Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), cc Alberta Premier Dave Hancock

Save Cold Lake From Out-Of-Control Oil Sands Drilling

Deny Canadian Natural Resources Limited’s (CNRL) application to resume tar sand blasting in the Cold Lake region, and conduct an independent investigation into the safety of “in situ” mining.

Why is this important?

**Update*** Wow! Thanks to your pressure, we just learned that the AER was going to reject CNRL's application, so CNRL withdrew it. But the battle isn't over yet: CNRL filed another application as close as 500 metres away from one spill site for high-pressure injection.

The AER is currently considering this application but pressure from us could stop this project for good.


Did you know that for nearly a year, and potentially longer, there have been four unstoppable underground oil leaks at tar sands operation near Cold Lake, Alberta?

The only reason the public knows that nearly 2 million litres of oil have spilled -- one of the biggest spills in Alberta’s history -- is because a government scientist risked their job to speak out and raise the alarm.[1]

Now Canadian Natural Resources Limited (CNRL), the massive company that owns the project, is quietly applying to the Alberta Energy Regulator for permission to start highly pressurizing the ground for more tar sands again even though the spills haven’t even stopped – they are still spilling![2]

We need your help to stop CNRL.

The Alberta Energy Regulator is extremely sensitive to public opinion right now because of how it is handling this spill. 80% of Alberta’s oil can only be mined using in situ methods -- this means that to keep expanding the tar sands, they need to prove to the public that in situ is safe and clean.

In reality, the process is like fracking: the ground is blasted for weeks or months with super-high pressure steam, and the whole process is powered by burning massive amounts of natural gas and drains water from the whole region.

A massive public outcry could stop this project in its tracks and stop industry’s plans to massively expand this type of oil extraction. Period.

Together, we can ensure that this oil remains underground for good, and stop millions of tonnes of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

1. 'Nobody Understands' Spills at Alberta Oilsands Operation. Toronto Star.
2. Integrated Application Registry, Alberta Energy Regulator.

Further Reading:
1. Why An Accidental Leak Should Send Shivers Up Big Oil's Spine. The Globe and Mail.


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