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To: Samsung - North Kent Wind Farm

Samsung destroyed their water wells - then sued them!

Stop pile driving into the bedrock and choose another installation method that does not impact on family water wells. Withdraw your lawsuit against vulnerable farmers!

Why is this important?

Samsing, operators of the North Kent Wind Farm, continue pile driving into the bedrock of Chatham Kent, knowing that it has destroyed the water wells of dozens of families. Ontario regulators are doing nothing to protect these families, who have relied on well water for generations. The pile driving sends toxic sediment into the water that ruins water pumps. The sediment could eventually settle, but the vibrations from the turbines prevent this.
Ultimately, the pile driving has resulted in dozens of families and their farms being cut off from their water supply. A few farmers tried to blockade the site to prevent further damage and Samsung sued them for the cost of delays. Tell Samsung to clean up its act! Boycott their phones, TVs and appliances and demand your pension funds divest from them now.


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