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To: Federal Leaders

Reject Hindu Supremacist "Hinduphobia" Petition in Canada

We write with great urgency to urge you to take a stand against Hindu supremacist efforts in Canada. India’s Hindu nationalist government’s hand in the assassination of a Canadian Sikh leader reveals the extent to which the Hindu nationalist far-right agenda is active in Canada.

Petition e-4507, seemingly virtuous, asks the House of Commons to recognize "Hinduphobia" in Canadian human rights law. In reality, this petition reproduce divisive Hindu nationalism and Hindu supremacy in Canada.

“Hinduphobia” is a strategy of false victimhood to make political leaders and institutions complicit in advancing a Hindu nationalist agenda in Canada. Hindus, like many other racialized immigrants, face discrimination on the basis of race. “Hinduphobia,” however, is an attempt by Hindu supremacist organizations in Canada to stifle any criticism of the Indian government, Hindu supremacist ideology, and caste oppression.

You must oppose the “Hinduphobia” petition and not perpetuate human rights violations.

Why is this important?

This is a critical time. India’s autocratic government seemingly murdered a Canadian Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijjar, in Canada [1]. This same Hindu nationalist government is violently attacking Muslims, Sikhs, caste-oppressed people, Indigenous people, Christians, and occupied Kashmiris on a daily basis [2]. Hindu nationalists also have an extensive network in Canada [3].

One of the ways these right-wing Hindu nationalist (Hindutva) forces stifle any criticism of the Indian government and Hindu supremacist ideology is to label such criticism as “Hinduphobic.” They have launched a seemingly virtuous petition to ask the House of Common to specifically recognize “Hinduphobia'' as a form of discrimination. But, “Hinduphobia” is a devious political tool designed to hoodwink people of goodwill and make them complicit in advancing a Hindu nationalist and supremacist agenda in Canada.

Anti-racism and anti-discrimination measures should hold systems of power to account. But the “Hinduphobia” petition does no such thing [4]. It weakens accountability for Hindu nationalists, a clear and present danger for all in Canada. Any parliamentary recognition of “Hinduphobia” will have a chilling effect on the rights of religious minorities and caste-oppressed South Asian Canadians, as well as all academics, artists, and human rights defenders in Canada [5].

Sign this petition now and resist the reproduction of Hindu supremacist politics in Canada.


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