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To: The Alberta Government, Jason Kenny, Sonya Savage, AER

Reinstate Environmental Monitoring for Alberta Oil-sands

Dear UCP government and Alberta Energy Regulator,

I am very disappointed in the actions of the UCP regarding the suspension of environmental regulations for the oilsands. In a time where citizens expect the government to put them before the economy, the UCP has again failed us. You have put some of the most vulnerable people in Alberta, the Indigenous community, at even more risk. Their water supplies need to be monitored. The band leaders need to be consulted, as this issue directly regards them. The oilsands have not shut down. Neither should the regulations. I, along with many others have not let the UCP’s actions go unnoticed. I hope this message helps you reconsider what you and your government have done. As a resident of the Calgary Northwest riding, I expect that you listen to my voice, and know I am not alone in my disappointment.

Why is this important?

The oilsands have not stopped. Regulations for them should not stop. The Indigenous community has much of its water supply being put at risk. The Alberta Energy Regulator has relieved Imperial Oil, Syncrude, Suncor and Canadian Natural Resources of the responsibility to meet environmental monitoring conditions in their operating licences. This is devastating for the environment and for the people of Northern Alberta, especially the Indigenous community. There was no effort to consult the First Nations community is anyway. This is unacceptable.


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