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To: Ontario Voters

Reclassify Doug Ford's job as part-time with no benefits

This is a petition to change Doug Ford's job as Premier of Ontario to a 'part-time' position with no pension or benefits since he works less than 6 months a year in the legislature. We want Ford to lead by example when it comes to government efficiency.

Why is this important?

This is a petition to change Doug Ford's job as Premier of Ontario to a 'part-time' position. He shut down Ontario Parliament for an unprecedented 4 ½ -month summer break. Winter break is another 2 months so it would appear he can do his job by working less than half the year in the legislature. As he is not working enough hours in the legislature to be considered full-time, his job as Premier should be reclassified as part-time with no benefits and no pension. This fits with Ford’s desire for improvements to government efficiency. Ford should lead by example on efficiency. It is an unbearable hypocrisy if a leader promotes efficiency but does not start by making his own job more efficient, and then make his cabinet and inner circle more efficient. Ford was elected to govern Ontario, not be a campaign poster boy or campaign worker for the federal election. Is it a form of theft to take a full-time salary as Premier but spend months on side projects for organizations external to Ontario? If you would like the job of Premier of Ontario during the Doug Ford regime to be reclassified as a part-time position without benefits or pension, please sign this petition.


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