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To: Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer, Yves-François Blanchet, Jasmeet Singh, Jo-Ann Roberts

Pandemic Response: Re-instate the Bank of Canada's constitutional role

Re-instate the Bank of Canada's constitutional ability to create new “money” without increasing public debt.
If not now, then when?... might we as a nation take back ownership of our now entirely arbitrary money supply (since leaving the gold backed system)? The Supreme court made it clear that it was parliament's role to make this decision. see:

Why is this important?

At this time of needed huge fiscal stimulus, why would our federal government, rather than creating the money interest free, cover the deficit by borrowing money from Banks and wealthy purchasers of other debt instruments? There is no need to create this debt burden, further feed the record wealth gap and barriers to eventual recovery, along with all the other upheavals taking place. Where we are left is well explained in :


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We are close to 100 signatures , at which point Lead Now starts to support the petition more actively. If you have not already, please consider taking the time to read the reports found at the two links in the petition (above). It is hard to believe how our system works and that we are not all aware of this already and to share with your friends, family and networks.

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