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To: Honourable Sarah Guillemard Minister of Conservation and Climate

Protect Brokenhead River; Lake Winnipeg; And SouthEast Aquifer(s)

Help us stop CanWhite Sands from polluting the Brokenhead River, the SouthEast Carbonate Aquifer and Lake Winnipeg.

Urgent! We have until August 25th to send our email letters and concerns to the Honourable Sarah Guillemard Minister of Conservation and Climate and Jennifer Winsor, P.Eng. Environmental Engineer Environmental Approvals Branch Department of Sustainable Development.

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In support of the local activist group Our Line in the Sand. Please sign and share petition widely.

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Image Above: Acid run off from sand mining Black Island Manitoba. [Photo by Don Sullivan].

Why is this important?

CanWhite Sands has applied for a sand processing plant to take out 5.5 CFL football fields squared by 26 stories high of silica sand each year for the next 25 years. The oxygenizing of this silica will produce acid of a pH of 2.44 leaching heavy metals like arsenic. The drainage is to the Brokenhead river where this acid along with a polyacrylamide which breaks down in sunlight and acid to acrylamide a potent neurotoxin. This project will pollute the Brokenhead river contaminate the carbonate aquifer and kill lake Winnipeg. This environmental assessment plan ignores key aspects of the proposal that will lead to this damage.

Link to Government EAP:

CWS Proposed Project Impacts to Brokenhead River - Dennis Analysis.pdf

Dennis LeNeveu's Correction of Free Press Article

Risk Assessment of CanWhite Sands Project “Dangerous to Eastern Watershed” By “Our Line in the Sand”- a local community group


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To: Jennifer Winsor, Environmental Engineer

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Dennis LeNeveu's Correction of Free Press Article

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500 strong! Lets keep up the support for Our Line in the Sand Campaign. Please wait patiently as folks get the Organize Manitoba website up and running for more information how to support the campaign.

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Don Sullivans article has reached over 1100 views in two days. Thanks! Keep up the support for Our Line in the Sand Campaign.

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