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To: Dr. Frank Martino, CEO, William Osler Health System

Privatization Hurts Canadians: Protect Public Healthcare

Photo by Ante Samarzija on Unsplash

Doug Ford is trying to sell off the well-being of Canadians to the highest bidder while the healthcare industry crumbles.

Underspending TAX Dollars allocated for healthcare in order to manufacture a crisis and collude with big business is a violation of workers rights and the rights of all Canadians to public health.

We urge Dr. Martino to do the right thing and reject the privatization of healthcare in Canada and stand up firmly for the lives and rights of all Canadians. We see the absolute disaster of privatized health in America with those most marginalized (black and brown, poor, working class) DYING bc they can't afford to access life-saving and preventative medicine.

Why is this important?

Healthcare workers were praised as heroes of the pandemic and it is time to show them exactly how much we mean those words. Everyone can find themselves in a health complication and we all age. Canadians have always been proud of our 'universal' healthcare and the less fortunate cannot afford an even more discriminatory and exclusive system. We need to hold the people truly responsible for this crisis to task and speak fervently in favor of public health for all

Brampton, ON, Canada

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