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To: Premier Doug Ford and Minister S. Lecce, Minister of Education

No Cuts to Public Education

The Provincial Government of Ontario needs to reverse all cuts to public education in Ontario. They must restore the number of teachers, educational assistants, secretaries, youth workers, psychologists, and custodians to the schools and reverse class size increases entirely.

Why is this important?

We are deeply concerned about the lack of front-line supports and resources for our most vulnerable students. Teachers are expected to deliver various levels of the curriculum and assist children with behavioral challenges on their own. These children need proper assessments/diagnosis - they need more EA's, access to child and youth workers, social workers, school support counselors and psychologists.

We have seen a significant increase in violence in our classrooms/schools. Teachers are injured to the point that requires medical intervention and often sick time. As a result of the lack in funding and cuts, teachers are faced with unsafe situations for them and their students.

Research has shown that smaller class sizes support increased student performance yet this government wants to increase class size. Smaller class size improves student behaviour and relationships. Caps on class size are effective...averages are not!

Public education is the foundation of a strong country and strong citizenship. Our entire future depends on the education of our children and any cuts to education hurts kids. Large class sizes hurt all students, but particularly those with special needs or behavioural issues. Teachers cannot teach without the supports that they need, and students can't learn without the supports that they need to be successful.


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