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National Post: It's Time To Retire Rex Murphy

Retire opinion columnist Rex Murphy

Why is this important?

On February 18th, columnist Rex Murphy published an article about the deadly ice storms plaguing Texas.

It would be too polite to say that the column is full of lies, because lies contain an implicit admission that there is a different, hidden truth.

Rather, Murphy's column is simply a regurgitated spew of false information that Murphy clearly believes to be true.

A few examples:

- Murphy alleges that the storm in Texas actually *disproves* climate science because, and I quote, "I thought we were not having winter anymore".
- He claims that the real reason the grid failed is too much reliance on wind power - in Texas. Experts with actual meaningful information have determined that much of the grid failed, including gas, coal, and even nuclear power plants, and the blackouts were made worse by Texas being disconnected from the national grid (a move that was made to avoid federal safety regulations).
- He closes the article by alleging once again that "winter" disproves all of climate science.

With the climate crisis raging, Murphy's obvious misinformation is not just frustrating and off target - it's deadly. If Rex Murphy can't be bothered to learn the truth, then he can't be trusted with a public platform.

It's time for the National Post to retire Rex Murphy.


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