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To: Doug Ford and the Ontario Provincial Government

Move the Don Valley Layover Facility

The proposed Don Valley Layover Facility endangers an environmentally sensitive part of the Don Valley. The current plans would disrupt wildlife migration; interrupt the recreational trail that many Torontonians rely on for commuting, dog walking, and bicycling; and damage the fragile ecosystem that has taken decades to restore after industrial pollution.

Please work with the community to consider alternative locations that would be less disruptive to the local environment and community. Specifically, there is a more suitable site in the Don Valley 1.4 kilometers south of the proposed location, by the pedestrian bridge that connects Riverdale Park East to Riverdale Park West. This site would offer access to tracks, has enough room for facilities, and would minimize the environmental and recreational impact of a Metrolinx layover facility in the Don Valley.

Why is this important?

The Toronto ravine system is a distinctive feature of Canada's largest city that should be protected and celebrated. It has taken decades of political advocacy, community devotion, and legal protections to undo industrial pollution in the ravines. Any development that takes place in this fragile ecosystem has to be done with the utmost caution and care. Spending the money to do it correctly now will save money on restoration efforts later.



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