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To: CEO'S of large multinational food companies, Loblaws, Safeways etc


Sell off the remaining fish stocks and shut down all the fish counters so that the oceans have a chance to recover. Also, that little blue mark on cans saying "sustainable" is a fabrication, it is organised by the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) so that they can make millions of dollars a year charging companies for the use of their logo. The global fishing industry is causing carnage, and it also deals in slavery.

Why is this important?

Just because the ocean is an unknown quantity to most of us and is being used as a dumping ground for our garbage, doesn't mean that we can ignore the suffering of the creatures and plant life that dwell below. We will have depleted all the fish stocks by around 2043 if we carry on in this manner, overfishing until there's nothing left.
Sharks, an apex predator, are having their fins ripped off and are then thrown back into the sea: all for the benefit of those who think shark fin soup will enhance their sex lives....
Remember that tragic movie "The Cove"? Well it's happening all over again..the Japanese village of Taiji is practising horrific dolphin abuse on a grand scale. They are blaming the dolphins for eating the blue fin tuna, worth millions on the open market, when they are the ones who have fished the tuna to the verge of extinction.
The only way that the undersea world can recover is if we stop eating fish, stop dumping junk and show a lot more respect for nature.


2021-03-30 20:04:29 -0400

Please help by writing to your local supermarkets and getting them to re-think the sale of fish, also no tinned fish either, or sardines and tuna and crab