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To: Bank managers in Kingston

Kingston Banks - Stop Funding Climate Chaos!

2021 is the year in which your bank must commit to halving its overall climate impact by 2030 at the very latest, and to immediately end its support to any company expanding fossil fuels or of deforestation - no more coal plants, tar sands pipelines, or LNG terminals, and no more destroying forests for palm oil, soy or beef.

We urge you to publicly answer our call, and tell your CEOs that Kingston banks stand with the people of Kingston:
we want our national banks to stop funding climate chaos.

Why is this important?

You do business in our community. It is on you to invest in the future of our community, and of our planet, not profit from its destruction.

This November, the COP26 UN climate conference in Glasgow will see governments up their ambition on climate action, and the institutions in their respective countries must do the same.

Long-term commitments to zero out emissions are vital, but so are the short- and medium-term actions necessary to keep warming under 1.5°C. As one of the world's biggest bankers of climate chaos, you have an outsize responsibility to take immediate action.


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