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To: Doug Ford

Keep our license plates “Yours to Discover”

Don’t be a fool and turn our license plates into your own personal political billboard. Keep the slogan “Yours to Discover”.

Why is this important?

News just broke that Ford’s planning on changing Ontario license plate. (Right now it’s "Ontario: Yours to Discover”).

But he isn’t just planning on changing it -- he’s planning on changing it to his own personal political advertisement: “Ontario: Open for Business”.

This was Ford’s slogan during the 2018 election campaign, and it’s the one his government still uses.

Ford's trying to turn our cars and trucks into his own personal ad campaign.
This kind of tin-pot dictator move to inflate his ego is ridiculous, costly, and unethical.

Ford’s presenting his plan to cabinet sometime this week. If enough of us sign the petition we might be able to convince him to leave the licence plate unchanged, or look like a colossal fool.

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