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To: The Canadian Federal Government

End the strikes - pay PSAC workers fairly

Add your name in solidarity:

We, the undersigned, stand in solidarity with public service workers represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada and urge the Treasury Board and Canada Revenue Agency to come to the table in good faith and offer a fair deal with job security, good conditions and decent wages that keep up with inflation.

Why is this important?

155,000 government workers — including CRA workers, cooks and cleaners, Coast Guard search and rescue teams, and passport and immigration staff — are at breaking point, and are now striking in what could be the biggest strike in Canadian history. [1-2]

Public service workers are critical to our everyday lives — they provide countless services for people from coast to coast. And like all workers, they deserve to be treated fairly. For years they have been at the bargaining table fighting for better conditions, job security and fair wages that keep up with inflation. [3]

The strike is all over the news, and already the government is trying to pit the public against federal workers, blaming those going on strike for asking for too much. We need to show the government we aren’t buying it: that we expect them to come to the table and give workers a fair deal with the wages and working conditions they deserve.

A rising tide lifts all boats — the fight for fair wages is everyone’s fight. If you agree, will you add your name to the solidarity statement now.

[3] see 2


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