To: Rob Moore, Fundy Royal.

How can we all pull together to stop littering and the destruction it causes.

Dear Mr Moore

I have been trying very hard to draw your attention to the problem of littering in public places in the Province of New Brunswick.
The Minister of the Environment himself has told me that if we could deal effectively with this problem and that of garbage, we could save our province a lot of money.

Why is this important?

It is important here in our province and everywhere else across the nation - and indeed, worldwide.

Litter not only looks ugly, but causes real damage to wildlife and the environment in general.
If we could address this very visible problem immediately, by fines, or a reward system for recycling, we would see the benefits all around us, of clean beaches, lakes, open spaces, in our cities and even along the sides of the roads.
Our wildlife, both in the ocean and lakes as well as the woodlands would not be at risk of harm by ingesting plastic, birds and animals getting stuck with sometime fatal results in discarded tubs and cans would not be happening either. This would have a knock on effect for us all, as slowly, the plastic waste trickles down into water courses, and stays in the earth, not biodegrading, and polluting in a very big way.
We could even, with the will, create sustainable jobs by processing all this waste by re-purposing, or waste to energy.