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To: Doug Ford

Hands off Toronto!

Torontonians are united in demanding you immediately stop recklessly interfering with Toronto’s democracy

Why is this important?

Doug Ford’s announcement that he’s going to single-handedly slash Toronto city council in half is a massive abuse of power.

Ford and his cronies cooked this idea up behind closed doors, without any consultation or even once mentioning it during his election campaign.

If Ford wanted to help Toronto then he would be using his powers to support affordable housing, transit, and jobs. Instead, without any consultation, he is dropping this bombshell on Toronto right in the middle of the municipal elections.

And it isn’t a coincidence—he’s purposefully meddling in our political system to cause chaos and make it easier to control City Hall from Queen's Park. With fewer councillors, Ford’s banking on ramming his agenda through City Hall, so he and his developer friends can have their way.

But we’re not going to let it happen. Leadnow and Progress Toronto are teaming up to stop Ford’s takeover of Toronto. We’re ready to fight back—are you?

Sign the petition telling for Ford to keep his hands off Toronto.

Reasons for signing

  • Education matters!
  • this is nothing short of cheap revenge to punish Toronto for Ford's loss at being mayor & in "settlement" for his late brother. It also reeks of impending corporate payoffs and the future preferences to big builders & "friends of the premier". It smells.
  • Undemocratic and authoritative move by Ford. Let’s go through a proper process to decide how many councillors are required for the City.


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