To: All Canadians - All Ages

Get your Candidates to support banning the ICE in Parks Canada

Ask ALL your candidates to support a ban on the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) on Parks Canada properties.

Ask at:
-Town Halls
-Candidate Riding HQ
-MP offices
-Radio call-in shows
-Candidates' public appearances
-Write an op-ed or letter to the editor of your newspaper
-Buy a full page ad in the Globe and Mail

-your local Liberal candidate
-your local NDP candidate
-your local Green candidate
-your local Bloc Quebecois candidate
-your local Conservative candidate

Why is this important?

Banning the Internal Combustion Engine (in some form) is a policy idea that is on the long-term radar for most political parties in order to eventually transition to a 100% renewable future.

Progressive steps like these are more easily done in a "watered-down" or trial version, and politicians can more easily sell these policies in small steps.

The time has come for a small step, just ask a scientist.

There are 49 National Parks in Canada and many of them exist already with very few visitors or carbon emissions spent within the park boundary. The rest are well-known and well-loved by many who support bold climate policy and even more who would like to keep the air clean. This makes for palatable climate policy and a modest investment in government-owned clean tech and electric vehicles for visitor shuttles & maintenance equipment. It will also send a strong message to every visitor to protect the future of the planet from greenhouse gases.

Ban the Internal Combustion Engine on Parks Canada properties beginning with this next government.

If one party adopts the policy nationally, it will be a nice win for the petition.
If two parties adopt the policy nationally, the movement will be a success.
If three parties adopt the policy nationally, it will be a significant step in reducing greenhouse gases and may be actually implemented.
If four parties adopt the policy nationally, it will be headline news and we'll make some progress on the Climate Crisis.

Give it a shot, share it widely & see what can happen with a simple grassroots idea.