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To: Phil Verster - CEO of Metrolinx, David Phalp - Senior Manager & Strategic Analyst of Metrolinx, Doug Ford - Premier of Ontario

Get Toronto Metrolinx to Replace Ecosystems they Demolish

Toronto Metrolinx needs to begin replacing ecosystems in Toronto that they destroy with their construction.

Why is this important?

Metrolinx is currently building a fourth GO Train track which is threatening the Williamson Park Ravine in Toronto’s East End. The construction will result in a loss of 300 trees, many of which are over 100 years old. Biodiversity in Toronto is becoming scarce and we cannot allow Metrolinx to destroy what little we have left. Going forward, Metrolinx should consider planting new trees in public spaces throughout Toronto to replace the ones they've destroyed and are currently destroying.

Although Metrolinx has claimed they will be replanting for destroying the Williamson Park Ravine, let’s make sure they continue to replant for every environment they ruin in the future.


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