To: Municipal Decision Makers across Canada- Those who are responsible for Drinking Water Safety

Get the LEAD OUT of our Drinking Water!

Dear Canadian Municipal and Provincial Legislative Decision Makers and Indigenous Leaderships,
I believe we need a focused effort to refine drinking water standards that exist for all Canadians. This effort can also be immediately transplanted to Reserve Drinking Water Safety Sampling... as far too many Reserves in Canada have no or poor standards for their drinking water.

Why is this important?

The Sampling Instructions for testing for Lead Content often instruct individuals to run their cold water taps for two minutes before taking their sample for analysis when tests are prescribed by civic authorities. It is my opinion that that passage of water will clear out all water in an average dwelling and this household will only be sampling water from the water mains outside their homes. I believe there should be two samples taken. One sample should be taken right away- on turning on the tap. Then the Person collecting the sample can put their finger into the continuing flow of cold tap water until he notices that the water suddenly turns cold to them. This may be two minutes... but it may be more for larger and multiple dwellings. (ie Apartment Buildings) My point is this: This colder water comes from the Water Mains outside each dwelling. It is the lead content comparison between these two water samples that will clearly indicate the safety for drinking purposes and foods calling for water content.