To: Ontario Government

Free access to Public Transportation

Provide Free Public Transportation to All

Why is this important?

This would allow people to better their own lives.
The poor and students and seniors - low income or not - would be able to go to libraries and YMCA programmes, and wherever else there are programs and food banks .. to be able to travel to the edge of our Great Lakes to walk or picnic or just think about life .. to go to free concerts, and just generally be exposed to the wonders of our beautiful province. It would lift their spirits and raise their hopes and dreams.
The increased use of public transportation would help reduce traffic issues and lower green house gasses. Obviously this is important.
This would have all sorts of positive social aspects as well. More people using public transportation means safer friendlier communities.
I see this as enabling people to improve their own lives. When students can get to school without the stress of high expense they will do better. When seniors can get to places freely they will go and enjoy their lives. When the poor can access all that our province has to offer, they will improve their ow lives. Joyfully.