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To: Doug Ford

End ODSPoverty. Double ODSP

Odsp needs to be raised immediately. It's despicable that in a first world country like Canada people on ODSP are comitting suicide and resorting to MAID because they cannot afford to live. CERB was $2000 a month, so why is Ontario disability support so little? In a proud, patriotic country like Canada we cannot continue to do so little for our most vulnerable citizens. It's inexplicably horrible that our disabled loved ones are treated this way. No one can afford to live with so little. People in prison are fed three meals a day, yet a majority of people on odsp cannot afford this basic necessity of life. It's time to take action now and stop the suffering of our most vulnerable citizens. Raise Odsp recipients out of poverty today.

Why is this important?

We all deserve to lead happy fulfilling lives and none of us should have to worry about our most basic needs. Canada is a very rich country, yet some of our most vulnerable citizens cannot afford some of the most basic necessities of life. A large number of people on ODSP cannot afford to regularly eat and have to make devastating choices each month like whether to pay rent/utilities or to buy groceries. A shocking number of people on ODSP are homeless. We could choose to take care of the most vulnerable now and it should be an easy choice. Recipients of CERB got $2000 a month. Odsp should be at least equal to what CERB was. Let's not sweep this issue under the rug any longer. It's an atrocity that Canadian prisoners are better looked after than those with disabilities. Let's take action today and raise ODSP recipients out of poverty.


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