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To: Elections Canada

Elections Canada: Open Voting Booths and Special Balloting on Campus!

To Elections Canada,

As a student, I find the decision to cancel the Vote on Campus program for the 2021 federal election unacceptable. Students and youth are an integral demographic to include in our democratic system. With already busy schedules and living situations often far from home, students need the Vote on Campus program in order to have fair access to the democratic process. That means having voting booths on campus that students can easily access during the school day and it means special balloting to vote in any riding in the country, so that students can have their voices heard in the communities they call home. I am calling on you to make this happen, for myself and for my generation. Our futures depend on what government leaders do now, and we have a right to a say in who our leaders are.

Thank you for your consideration.

Why is this important?

Elections Canada is not setting up voting booths or offering special balloting on campus for students in this important election. Young people are the largest voting block and tend to vote progressive-- this is extremely concerning. Their reasoning is also unjustified. They claim the problem is the pandemic and minority government having a snap election. This is voter suppression.

People and students are rightfully angry about not being able to justly and equitably access their voting rights and Elections Canada has been getting backlash all day. We need to ensure voting is as accessible as possible to increase turn out.

Our ask is very simple. Elections Canada: open voting booths on campus across the country.

If we can ramp up the pressure on Elections Canada while they’re feeling the heat on their announcement, it could be enough to force them to reverse course and set up voting booths and special balloting on campuses across the country. Otherwise thousands of students will be barred from voting.

Add your voice now to show the importance of accessible student voting!



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