To: Anyone that has ability to change this system.

Easier/Cheaper access to organic foods.

Make organic/traditional foods attainable to 100% of the population should they choose to purchase such foods. The price jump from organic(traditional) foods to conventional foods is just plain insanity.

Why is this important?

Food is life. You are what you eat. People need vitamins and minerals that are increasingly hard to maintain through diet with over-farming and conventional farming practices. Not to mention the pesticides act as estrogen and are also making the current generation sterile. Why does "organic" labelling cost so much? I can understand minor price increases based on season and availability, but most of the cost is to cover the 3rd party "organic" labelling costs or just plain price-gouging. This 3rd party should be abolished and conventional farming practices should be converted to organic farming practices. Every person should be able to afford properly grown foods within their salary regardless of class or social rank. With increasing evidence supporting poor diet promotes depression, this would make the greater population happier and less dependant on toxic/deadly pharmaceuticals.