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To: Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Doug Ford! Stop the Build of Ontario Superhighway Through Greenbelt Lands

The Ontario government, under Doug Ford, plans to move forward with its plan to build the contentious $6-billion Hwy. 413 GTA West highway proposal through Vaughan, Caledon, Orangeville, and Milton. They say it will not affect the nearby Greenbelt. This is an outrageous time to be using billions of taxpayer dollars to build an unnecessary highway so that Conservative cronies and stakholders can enrich themselves while compromising the environment further. Please sign this petition and let the Ontario government know that this is, plainly, wrong.

Why is this important?

The 407 is already underused and overpriced, due to previous Conservative government. One idea is to divert trucks from the 401 to the 407 and subsidize those independent truckers and trucking companies with the money planned to build a new and unnecessary highway. It will increase safety on the 401, lessen congestion and save our environment and billions of dollars. Our kids are depending on us to do the right thing for the environment and their future.


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