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To: Government of Canada

Deny Sarah Palin from Becoming US Ambassador to Canada

Rumours are circulating that Sarah Palin might be appointed as the next U.S. ambassador for Canada. However, under the Vienna Convention, Prime Minister Trudeau can reject a candidate nominated for an ambassador to our country.

According to the United Nations treaty, the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, ambassadors are solely appointed by the country that they will represent.

So U.S. president Donald Trump has carte blanche to name Palin as his next envoy to Ottawa.

The next step is requesting approval from the Canadian government to accept her.

Under the Convention, the host country that receives the request has the right to deny it without explanation. Canada can veto the appointment of Palin.

Therefore, we the undersigned, strongly urge Prime Minister Trudeau to veto Sarah Palin if ever she is nominated for this post.

Why is this important?

Govenor Palin has demonstrated a history of ignorance and intolerance to those social justice values and principals of diversity and acceptance so fundamentally held and defended by Canadians. Her representation in Canada would be a great disservice and likely weaken the long and valuable relationship held between Canada and the United States.


2017-12-11 11:39:14 -0500

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