To: Greywood Developers & The City of Toronto

Demand a Better Traffic Plan

The Ocean Club Condo Executive has been fighting for 3 years* to push back against Greywood Developments final proposed lay out for Annie Craig Drive.

A plan that was submitted in 2013 and has been neglected until this point that would greatly disrupt the way residents of 59 & 60 Annie Craig interact with their home.

If you live in Ocean Club Condos want to keep our turnaround, have the sidewalk completed and demand for better transit sign below!

Why is this important?

As the Condo executive we have the ability to push back against unilateral decision-making Greywood is now trying to back peddle as they turned over the property to the Condo Executive in 2015 without completing their obligations. Instead of working with residents to find a solution to maintain the Emergency Services turnaround and informal respite point for Uber, UPS, and Canada Post they hold the sidewalk completion in the hinges and make threats to further disrupt our way of living.