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To: Prime Minister Trudeau

PM: Deliver immediate mercury justice for Grassy Narrows people

Prime Minister Trudeau,

You have said that Canada’s relationship with First Nations is your highest priority and that you will act for a healthy environment. How can I believe you when mercury survivors in Grassy Narrows continue to suffer without decisive action from your government?

I call on you to immediately:

1. Deliver on the promised Mercury Home and Treatment Center for the people of Grassy Narrows by putting the committed funds in a trust.

2. Compensate everyone in Grassy Narrows fairly for the ongoing mercury crisis.

3. Support Grassy Narrows in bringing their health and wellbeing back up to the standard enjoyed by others in Canada by implementing the recommendations of the Community Health Assessment.

4. Visit Grassy Narrows and meet the people.

This is an issue that matters deeply to people in Canada. I will be following this matter closely to see that mercury justice is delivered to Grassy Narrows.

Why is this important?

In the 1960s an upstream paper mill dumped 9 tonnes of mercury into the Wabigoon River, poisoning the fish and the people of Grassy Narrows. Three generations later the people continue to suffer from intense health impacts and a loss of their way of life and economy.

Shockingly, the government of PM Trudeau has done almost nothing to improve the lives of Grassy Narrows people.

In November of 2017, then Minister Philpott committed to build a home and treatment center for mercury survivors in Grassy Narrows so that sick loved ones can be cared for with dignity. Almost 500 days later, not one brick has been laid and only 1% of the cost has been provided.

The Federal government is clearly stalling. With the federal elections on the horizon, this could become yet another broken promise on reconciliation.

The people of Grassy Narrows are an inspiration throughout the world for their perseverance, their resilience, and their strength. The survivors of this ongoing disaster deserve Canada’s respect and the best possible care.

See for more ways to support the community.




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