To: BC Minister for Transportation

Define one metre as the minimum clearance to overtake a bicycle in British Columbia

We ask the department and Minister for Transportation to amend current overtaking laws and pursue the adoption of a law that requires motorists to give cyclists 1.0 metres clearance when passing from the rear.

Why is this important?

WHEREAS a motor vehicle overtaking a cyclist with less than one metre of clearance presents substantial threat to the cyclist;

WHEREAS the City of Vancouver has adopted a goal for zero traffic fatalities as part of its Transportation 2040 plan, the city of North Vancouver has endorsed Vision Zero, and the British Columbia road safety strategy acknowledges Vision Zero;

WHEREAS similar laws have already been passed in 17 U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces;

WHEREAS cyclists (in particular young or less experienced cyclists) may lose control when passed too closely. Larger vehicles at higher speeds may generate a wind gust which causes cyclists to lose control.

WHEREAS Statistics from ICBC consistently indicate 1,500 cyclists are injured each year in crashes;

THEREFORE, we petition the British Columbia department and Minister for Transportation pass legislation amending the Motor Vehicle Act which would require motorists to give 1 metre of clearance when overtaking a cyclist below 50 km/h, and 1.5 metres when travelling faster than 50 km/h.