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To: The Prime Minister, MP's and all political parties

De-ratify the CC-FIPA

Do not continue to allow the CC-FIPA, signed in 2015, under the Harper regime, to devastate the last 1% of BC's old-growth forests. We cannot wait until 2035, when this free trade agreement ends. Pulling the plug on China's demands are already costing us billions of dollars and under the CC-FIPA, citizens are not being told these details. Clear-cut logging of old-growth is now the top cause of BC's greenhouse gas emissions. Most of BC's Red Cedar is exported as raw logs, to China, leaving dead zones where iconic species and Indigenous cultures once thrived.

Why is this important?

In 2013, when the Hupacasath FN realized the negative impacts of the CC-FIPA, they launched legal action with the help of West Coast Environmental Law. They lost the case; now China has more economic power than all Cdn. First Nations put together. With the severe impacts of climate change, Canada has a global responsibility to save what is left of the ancient forests.

How it will be delivered

Email and stage a press conference with Paul Manley, Green Party MP


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