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To: MPP Lisa McLeod, Premier Doug Ford, the PC Party of Ontario

Continue with the Ontario Basic Income Pilot Project.

Dear Miss McLeod and Premier Ford, regarding the former Liberal government's three year provincial basic income pilot project, please make certain that this specific project (program) stays intact. I have NOT been able to participate in this pilot mainly because I'm still awaiting your final decision on this very important file. No Ontarian, including those with disabilities like myself, should have to live in poverty, thank you kindly.

Why is this important?

This pilot project is extremely important to all Ontarians, regardless of disability or any other individual or family life circumstance. There is still far too much poverty in this province as it is, and I applaud Miss Wynne for her efforts regarding this invaluable financial plan, one of very few good ideas she proposed during her party's long leadership tenure. As prices continue to rise on everything in our daily lives, this file's urgency is key.


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