To: The PM of Canada, the CEOs of Kinder Morgan and Trans Mountain, and the BC government

Coldwater Couple vs. Kinder Morgan

I want the pipeline companies to clean up the spill they created on Ms. Antoine's property in 1968 and continues to this day. I also want them to give fair compensation to Ms. Antoine and her family.

I want PM Trudeau to reverse his decision to force a dilbit pipeline through B.C.; a decision that was made due to a faulty environmental assessment.

I want the B.C. government to call a press conference to explain how Ms. Antoine's plight is just one of many reasons construction of this dilbit pipeline should not proceed.

Why is this important?

This is important because if this dilbit pipeline/tanker project is allowed to proceed it will inevitably ruin B.C.'s environment and economy in the event of another catastrophic oil spill similar to the Exxon Valdez in Alaska, Kalamazoo River in Michigan, RedDeer River in Alberta, North Saskatchewan River, and many more across the globe. The photographs of crude oil-covered sea birds and mammals should be enough to make anyone want to do something to stop this madness.