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To: Premier Wynne and Prime Minister Trudeau

Clean up the mercury that's poisoning Grassy Narrows' water

I call on you to clean up Grassy Narrows’ river and cancel plans for logging, which are unwanted by the community and could release more mercury in Grassy Narrows Territory.

More than 45 years after mercury dumping came to light, Grassy Narrows’ Wabigoon river remains one of the most contaminated in Canada. I am shocked to learn nothing has ever been done to clean the river that supplies fish and water to this community.

It is time to make things right in Grassy Narrows.

Why is this important?

Scientists tell us that Grassy Narrows’ river, their lifeblood, can be made safe again. We should seize this momentous opportunity.

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The provincial and federal governments are talking of forging a new relationship with aboriginal peoples. This requires righting outstanding wrongs, something that is an urgent imperative in Grassy Narrows.

Ontario and Canada must take decisive action to resolve the ongoing legacy of mercury poisoning in Grassy Narrows, and all other outstanding issues. This includes apologizing, cleaning the river, providing state of the art care for mercury survivors, adequate compensation for all who have been impacted, and establishing a Grassy Narrows run environmental health monitoring station.

To ensure that this never happens again we must respect Grassy Narrows' decisions for their territory. Never again should harmful decisions be imposed on Grassy Narrows people and the territory that they depend on.



2016-09-20 11:10:28 -0400

20,000 signatures reached

2016-07-11 01:58:07 -0400

On Thursday, we delivered your petition calling on Premier Wynne to clean the mercury from Grassy Narrows’ river right to her doorstep.

Leadnow joined allied groups and dozens of supporters to portage a canoe full of your signatures through the streets of Toronto to the Ontario Legislature. Our creative petition delivery earned major news coverage on CTV, APTN National TV News, and even the Toronto Star -- the newspaper with the biggest circulation in the country.

2016-07-04 16:28:05 -0400

Thousands have signed petitions and sent emails urging Premier Wynne to clean up mercury contamination that’s been poisoning members of the Grassy Narrows First Nation for decades.

We need your help to make sure the Premier gets the message. Can you help us deliver the signatures to Queen’s Park on Thursday?

2016-07-04 14:00:22 -0400

So for weeks, Premier Wynne has said she wants to clean up the mercury in Grassy Narrows' river but that it's too risky. Turns out that's just not true.

Read all about it in the Star's front page story:

2016-06-28 09:24:05 -0400

A bit of progress in Grassy Narrows! After yesterday's meeting with the First Nation, ministers committed to a scientific study to look further at remediation, and to 'consider' the options that come out of it.

This is still VERY far from a commitment to clean the river. Share this petition so we can grow the movement of people calling on Premier Wynne to make things right in Grassy Narrows.

2016-06-27 09:08:32 -0400

Today, Ontario's Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation are visiting the Grassy Narrows First Nation.

Can you share this campaign and help us tip the petition to over 20,000 signatures before their visit?

2016-06-26 21:45:06 -0400

Grassy Narrows First Nations activists have called for allies to support their demand for cleaning of their river system. On Thursday, supporters in Toronto answered their call. Watch what happened and share.

2016-06-23 13:20:22 -0400

Today, supporters of Grassy Narrows created a chemical dump in Queen's Park.

It took just *20 minutes* for security to show up when mercury spilled outside Queen's Park. The Grassy Narrows First Nation has been waiting nearly 50 years for the 9000 kg of deadly mercury to be cleaned from their river.

2016-06-02 17:11:50 -0400

Here's some coverage from today!

Teens from Grassy Narrows First Nation demand action on mercury poisoning --

Time to clean up river in Grassy Narrows First Nation, grandmother says --

Action need to prevent more deaths in Grassy Narrows --

2016-06-02 13:04:50 -0400

10,000 signatures reached

2016-06-02 09:35:44 -0400

There’s a major rally planned in Toronto today. If we can up the pressure by flooding Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne's office with phone calls, it just might be enough to finally get her to commit to cleaning up the mercury poisoning from the Grassy Narrows First Nations’ river. Can you take 3 minutes to make a call?

2016-06-01 19:45:14 -0400

5,000 signatures reached

2016-05-31 17:09:10 -0400

1,000 signatures reached

2016-05-31 16:44:45 -0400

500 signatures reached

2016-05-31 12:10:54 -0400

100 signatures reached