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To: The Federal Government- Mr Trudeau

Change the Canadian anthem

Dear Mr Trudeau
The Canadian Anthem lyric is pure colonialism. It is not a representation of Canadian society values and the reconciliation efforts. By saying, "Our home and native land!" we are causing harm to the Indigenous people and robbing them of their claim to the land. I believe we can make some changes to the anthem to make it inclusive, respectful, and do not cause any harm.

Why is this important?

The Canadian anthem is very harmful to Indigenous people and any true efforts for reconciliation and decolonisation. It was created through a colonial lens that thrived on oppression and injustices. When we sing, "Our home and native land, we are harming the Indigenous people; the very people who should claim this land their home and native land. There is an opportunity to introduce changes to the anthem to make it inclusive, respectful and not causing any harm. Please join to make a change.


2022-09-26 12:30:26 -0400

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